Types Of The Bakery To Know Before Starting

Types of the bakery to know before starting

Bakery, a favorite place for all of us where you get all the delicious mouth-watering food. From the sweet pastries to spicy chips, we get everything. But did you know there are different types in a bakery?

Here we are to explain them.

Types of bakeries for opening a bakery

  1. Retail bakeries
  2. Wholesale bakeries

Types of the bakery to know before starting

  1. Retail bakeries

Retail bakers are the bakers who get to the customer directly without distributors or any middleman. As these people come into contact with the customers now, they can show their creativity front-of-house.

But the problem with this is that there is less income as they order in small quantities. They need more workers to run in the front-of-house areas.

Retail workers work for both front and back-of-house, which becomes stressful when acting for both ways. They want at least one person to take care of the calls and money.

Here are some pros and cons of this bakery


  • More interaction with the customer
  • As they directly have the contact, bakeries can get the customer satisfaction and their reaction for the work.
  • Can show more creativity and bake according to customer’s choice


  • More people are required to run a proper and profitable Retail bakery
  • Slow resource
  • You need to take risks all by yourselves
  1. Wholesale bakeries

If you consider opening a large-scale business in bakeries and ready to work more, then Wholesale bakeries are suitable. Here, the wholesale bakeries sell their food products to other companies like restaurants, cafes, and even specialty shops. They sell the products in a large number, and their income doesn’t depend on individual customers coming to your bakery. This can make more profit than Retail bakeries. The significant advantage of this type of bakery is that the work location is flexible. They can do the work at the bakery or at any place where they are comfortable.

But the problem here is that they need more workers to look after the business. They should be producing in large amounts, and the risk of bearing all the burden is high. To make many bakery items, they need to have more equipment and the work time is also more. It costs a lot of money to prepare all of those orders. If you are not ready to invest more, this business is not the right choice.


  • Deal with a lot of people and thus more transactions.
  • No front-of-house is required
  • Flexibility in the work location


  • More upfront cost than Retail bakeries
  • More workload and stressful
  • Huge cost for additional equipment and human resources

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