Top Wineries In The World

Top wineries in the world

Wine is essential for a few. A good winery always comes with a beautiful landscape. The farming lands are so beautiful, and the cultivation of these grape fields is a mesmerizing view.

Lavaux vineyards, Switzerland

The other wineries might be having the best Wine, but the UNESCO world heritage site is the best location for the cultivation of grapes. Other places may be productive and easy to pick, but this, along 30km of the shores of Geneva Lake, can be traced to the 11th century.

Top Wineries

Chasselas grapes multiply as this lies in the Mediterranean region.

Chateau Montelena, California

California’s Napa Valley is one of the places for the best wineries. Californian wines were better than the French and globalized the world of wine. A must-see in Napa Valley. It is renowned as the oldest picturesque in Napa’s wineries.

Leeuwin Estate Winery, Australia

Among over 60 wineries that populate the area is Leeuwin Estate. It is said that this place is also one of the Founders’ wineries regions. This is the southern hemisphere’s most productive Winemaking region. This place is an excellent place where this is recognized globally and also an award-winning restaurant. These places recently started to host concerts from national and international musicians worldwide, art galleries, golf courses, and many more. The travelers appreciate this place than the Wine.

Oller del Mas, Catalonia, Spain

The Oller del Mas estate is the home to a castle of the 10th century with certified organic vineyards. The visitors can customize their Wine by adding olive oil tasting, Mediterranean meals with organic vegetables grown in the estate’s garden. There are other entertainments like an outdoor swimming pool and golf courses in this place.

Top Wineries

Long Meadow Ranch, Napa, California

One more beautiful place from California is the organic Long Long Meadow Ranch separated from the other Napa wineries. Many Estate falls under this place, and mountain estate is the most prominent among them, also known as Alder Value estate. There is also a cuisine at the Garden Lounge & Cafe, a farmer’s market at Long Meadow Ranch.

The Ferrari Estate, Italy

The winery where millions of bottles are exploring the 16th-century Villa Margon with its priceless works of art and is aging. It is dining at the Michelin(a book awarded for excellent few residents) restaurant Locanda Margon. A visit to the Ferrari Estate also includes the exploration of the Ferrari in televisions and cinema. It also consists of the photographs of the cars showcasing.

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