Essentials In Arranging A Fine Dining

Essentials in arranging a fine dining

Fine dining is a neat and unique arrangement of the dining table. It is expensive when compared to the usual dining restaurants. It is prevalent during special occasions and also during the holidays. This arrangement is for the multi-course. There are certain things that you must know that are essentials.

Essentials in arranging a fine dining

The staff

The staff is highly professional, and they are trained well. Their quality works, and their discipline shows their skills and abilities. A dining restaurant has more teams than regular restaurants, including chefs, extra workers, dishwashers, etc.

The inside look

High-quality interiors are put up so that it looks perfect and is comfortable for the guests. The interior design is set up, and highly qualified architects or interior designers will make the plan.


The top chefs serve delicate and fresh food. The right amount of items in the recipe and the variety in them matters too. The deliciousness and the garnishment of the food are very decorative.

Preparation to Serve

There are many formalities in preparing the table. The table must be wiped with a special Molleton cloth and inspected for cleanliness and irregularities. Cotton gloves are used so that the fingerprints are not tattooed on the glasses. The lighting candles are to be lit before the serve.

The dining rules

There are specific rules to be followed like

  • There should be a total of 20 pieces per set for a complete meal.
  • The fork should always be placed on the bottom left.
  • The knives and the spoons should be at the right bottom.
  • The glasses should be placed in the upper right portion. Cotton gloves should be used to make the glasses unstained and free from fingerprints.
  • Usage of symmetry is necessary, as the table setting should be balanced.

Serving etiquette

The serving technique is simple but, it should be done with uttermost discipline.

After the guests are seated, present the menu and drink list.

The waiter should be observant so that he can cope up with the guest. After presenting the menu, tell them about the evening special. Every restaurant has its evening special for that particular day.

While serving, there should be no cross arm, or the hands should not cross the guests. So, if the guest is on the right side, the left hand should serve.

Control the pace, know your guests and understand them. Every guest has their own speed. Match your arrangements with the rate and serve it well.

After meals

Wait for the guests to finish their food. Simple rules where the cross position or straight up and down on the plates indicates about the food.

Once you get to know about the meals, start by removing the flatware like spoons, forks, and knives if they have finished the food. Take out the condiments that are not required for the next course.

Use the handheld table crumbles. They are a sign of superior hospitality.

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