Making of Wine

Making of wine

It is a straightforward process of making the Wine where the yeast meets grape juice, and the fermentation starts. That’s it; after fermentation, you get wine. Just nature being nature in the very simple process.


The equipment that we use should generally be sterilized and then rinsed. The unique detergent and bleaches that we get at the wine supply store could be better for rinsing immediately before using.

Making of wine

Crushing the grapes

Select the grapes that are good enough for the wine and take out the rotten ones. Wash it well and remove the stem. Crush the grapes well to release the juice called “must” (grape juice during fermentation) to a container. Use your hands to crush it well and if you are making a large amount of wine, then buy or rent a fruit presser from the wine supply store.

Adding of Yeast

After making the grape juice, add some wine yeast. Then insert a hydrometer in the must and if it shows less than 1.010, add a little sugar. Before adding sugar, first, dissolve it in pure filtered water. The sugar boosts low alcohol levels. Mix it well by stirring it.

Removal of sediment and forth

Remove the sediment and forth gently.  It consumes time. Few people remove the residues and then start the process. But this was is better for many scientific reasons.

Making of wine

Fermentation of the wine

A funnel needs to be attached to the sanitized glass fermentation container. Then allow the grape juice to run through it. Fill to the top of the container and reduce the amount of air to reach the wine. Fit the containers with an airbox. Let the juice get fermented.

Removal of sediments and forth while fermenting

Using the plastic tube to siphon the collected wine into cleaned glass secondary fermentation containers. This process is similar to that of the removal of sediments and forth. But here it is to remove during the fermenting process, and it is crucial.

Continue this process for two to three months until the juice is running clear.

Making of wine

Storing it

Collect the cleared wine separated and run it to the bottles leaving a gap for cork and slightly half an inch gap for the room. Insert cork and store it upright for the first three days.

After three days, keep the wine in its side at 55°F. Red wine takes at least one year to drink, while white wine takes around six months.

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